MSHA: No mines eligible for Pattern of Violations Notice

MSHA: No mines eligible for Pattern of Violations Notice

The Mine Safety and Health Administration has recently announced that for the third consecutive year, none of the United State’s over 13,000 mining operations meet the criteria for a Pattern of Violations notice.

The POV provision in the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act is among MSHA’s toughest enforcement tools for mines that pose the greatest risk to the health and safety of miners, particularly those with chronic violation records.

Mines that receive POV notices are issued withdrawal orders, temporarily ceasing operations until the violation is abated for all significant and substantial violations.

“A number of mine operators have proactively implemented corrective action programs to address specific hazards at their mines to improve miner safety and health, and those efforts are paying off,” said Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor for Mine Safety and Health, Patricia W. Silvey.

“Throughout the year, MSHA works with mine operators and miners to identify and correct recurring hazards.”