Adult film producer fined for failing to provide actors with condoms

Adult film producer fined for failing to provide actors with condoms

Cal/OSHA issued citations and fines to adult film producer James Deen Productions/Third Rock Enterprises Inc., for violating state condom and other safety laws which exposed actors to sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

A film shoot produced by the company was inspected in January after Cal/OSHA received a complaint. Investigation revealed that producers did not protect performers through the use of condoms are required by California’s bloodborne pathgens standard. In addition, employees were not provided a vaccine or follow-up medical examination to employees who were potentially exposed to hepatitis B.

“Cal/OSHA requires condom use in adult films to protect workers from exposure to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections,” said Cal/OSHA Chief Juliann Sum. “Third Rock Enterprises failed to protect employees from illness and injury while on set.”

The company is owned by Bryan Sevilla, which is known by his adult film stage name James Deen. During a December 2015 investigation, Mr Sevilla and his counsel refused to provide Cal/OSHA with safety documentation or permission to investigate. A warrant was then issued  by the Los Angeles Superior Court allowing Cal/OSHA to inspect the film site.

Cal/OSHA issued citations for a total of nine violations with proposed penalties of $77,875.

“Workers in the adult film industry should know current laws protect them from inquiry and illness on the job, and where to go for help if their employer doesn’t follow those laws,” Cal/OSHA stated.

“Employers in the adult film industry must also know how to protect their employees from health and safety hazards and understand the consequences of failing to comply with state regulations.”

More information about health and safety requirements in the adult film industry can be accessed online or by calling (714) 558-4300.