One Killed, Three Injured After 15-Story Crane Collapsed in Manhattan Street

One Killed, Three Injured After 15-Story Crane Collapsed in Manhattan Street

A Wall Street worker was killed and three other injured after a construction crane crashed into a busy Lower Manhattan Street Friday morning.

According to reports, the huge 15-story construction crane was being lowered to safety in a snow squall when it collapsed onto the Worth and Church streets in Tribeca, killing 38-year-old David Wichs at around 8:30 in the morning. Three bystanders were also hurt during the crane collapse, of which two are said to be in critical condition.

More than 140 firefighters and dozens of EMS workers immediately rushed to the scene to help in the fatal crane incident. Authorities immediately closed down the area.

The crane, owned by Bay Crane and being operated by Galasso Trucking and Rigging was being lowered and was being secured due to strong winds toppling around 20 mph when it plummeted onto the street, hitting several buildings and parked cars stretched over two blocks. Buildings hit by the crane were checked and found to be free from any structural damages. The impact was so strong that it had also disrupted underground infrastructures. Gas was also shut down in the area.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said it would take some time to clear the area of the debris left behind by the massive construction equipment.

The New York Police Department, city Department of Investigation and the Department of Buildings were at the scene to investigate the cause of the fatal crane collapse.

Officials said they found no issues with the crane but would still investigate the incident further. The management of Bay Crane and the Galaso Trucking and Rigging companies did not give any comments on the fatal incident.