Samsung and sick workers agree to partial deal on workplace safety

Samsung and sick workers agree to partial deal on workplace safety

Seoul, South Korea – Technology giant, Samsung Electronics has reached a partial agreement with sick workers almost ten years after a 22-year-old worker died of leukemia raising concerns on exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace.

Samsung and Banolim, the main advocacy group for sick workers signed a deal on workplace safety on Tuesday to establish an external committee overseeing safety in Samsung.

Its mandate includes workplace safety measures, which include giving workers access to information related to their health and safety when they apply for government insurance covering occupational diseases. The committee will also be tasked to check workplace conditions that affect the health and safety of workers in Samsung.

Samsung and Banolim were not able to reach an agreement on compensation for workers whose health has been affected due to exposure to hazardous chemicals at its chip and LCD facilities. Banolim argued that an independent organization is needed to oversee compensation procedures.

Over two hundred current and former Samsung employees stricken with illnesses have sought help from Banolim. Out of these, seventy-six have already died.

According to a Himalayan Times report, Samsung said more than 100 of over 150 persons who applied for compensation received financial support.