Oil companies opt out of Texas’ open carry law

Oil companies opt out of Texas’ open carry law

Some of the world’s biggest oil companies with offices in Texas have opted out of Texas’ open carry law.

Chevron, BP and Shell have decided to opt out of the law in Texas permitting residents to carry firearms in the open.

Upstream in a report confirmed the decisions made by the three oil giants.

“In light of the Texas Open Carry Law… our company’s policy with regard to weapons on company premises or on company business is unchanged. Weapons continue to be prohibited even with a license to openly carry and this applies to employees, contractors, vendors and visitors,” Shell said in a statement.

BP was also firm in its decision not to allow weapons within work premises.

“Our workplace violence policy prohibits weapon of any kind, including firearms, in all BP buildings,” a BP spokesman said.

In 2015, Texas state legislature passed a law allowing anyone with a license to carry his or her weapon in a shoulder or belt holster.