Swedish construction company introduces 360º cameras for all around visibility

Swedish construction company introduces 360º cameras for all around visibility

A Swedish construction company is now using 360 degrees all-around visibility cameras in all its mobile plant to help reduce the risk of accidental contact between site operatives and plant – one of the top fatal risks on construction sites.

Skanska, one of the world’s leading project development and construction group is known for its rigorous application of best practice health and safety processes and procedures and adhering to Occupational Health and Safety standards. The company introduced the fully automatic double locking (FADL) type of quick hitches to excavators in 2009 and personnel anti-entrapment devices on mobile elevated working platforms in 2012.

As part of its on-going drive to create an injury-free environment on its sites, it installed the cameras to aid plant operators to see workers and pedestrian movements within a five-meter radius and assist in overcoming blind spots.

Greg Craig, Executive Vice President of Skanska UK said they are committed to ensuring the safety of their workers.

“It takes considerable skill and permanent attentiveness to operate large mobile plant safely, particularly in compact site footprints. We are committed to doing all that we can to improve all-round visibility for the operator, to help them work safely and to protect any adjacent operatives,” said Mr Craig.

“Like many innovations and improvements they take us a step closer to achieving zero accidents. This improvement is not in itself the answer to eliminating risk to people from plant. However, we are committed to making our sites as safe as possible and where people and plant have to work in close proximity we believe these devices will make sites safer.

“The introduction of this technology is part of our continuing commitment to developing new standards that help to make sites as safe as possible, across the industry.”

A video explaining the new standards and how it will improve the occupational health and safety in the construction industry is available here.