First responders honored during Mine Rescue Day

First responders honored during Mine Rescue Day

The challenging work of mine rescuers was recognized during the 3rd annual Mine Rescue Day.

The U.S Mine Safety and Health Administration honored the commitment and sacrifice made by first responders on Friday, October 30. The Mine Rescue Day is held annually to promote the importance of mine rescue and acknowledge people who continue to respond to mine emergencies.

“The number of times that mine rescuers have placed their own safety and lives at risk to save others during our mining history is staggering,” said Joseph Main, assistant secretary of labor for mine safety and health. “These brave men and women undertake some of the most difficult and risky emergency response work, under some of the most arduous and treacherous conditions.”

Around 300 mine rescue teams are currently certified and qualified to conduct mine rescue operations. These rescuers are trained in first aid, firefighting and emergency communications.

“We owe these mining community volunteers the best training and support available. While mine safety has improved, an emergency can occur at any time that puts miners and rescuers alike at risk,” said Mr Main.